INO Final Report-2002 View PDF
Health by Design Report-2004 View PDF
Open Building-An Architectural Management Paradigm for Hospital Architecture- 2005 View PDF
Open Building Patterns Research-2006 View PDF
Hospitals on the Time Axis-Tensions- Realities and Possibilities-2009 View PDF
Hospitals on the Time Axis-Trends in the Real World and Implications for Architectural Education-2010 View PDF
Healthcare Facility Design for Flexibility- A Report on Research for the National Institute of Building Sciences-2012 View PDF
Healthcare Design for Flexibility-The Challenge of Culture Change in a Large U.S.Public Agency-2014 View PDF
Assuring the Long-Term Usefulness of Healthcare Facilities-2015 View PDF
Nudging the US Defense Health Agency Toward a Facility Infrastructure Designed for Change-2015 View PDF
Trip Report-Abbreviated POE of Open Building Applications and Examples in Bern Switzeerland-2015 View PDF
Open Building – A New Imperative in Healthcare Design (Chinese)-2016 View PDF
Open (Flexible) Building – a new imperative for Healthcare Facility Design-2016 View PDF
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